Face of my Father

Rostro Del Padre AC

Face of My Father Children´s Home is a home for orphaned, abandoned, and abused children in San Marcos, Jalisco, Mexico, offering children a new beginning and a safe, loving environment where they can grow and thrive .  The home received it´s first child in May of 2009.  It has room for up to 10 children at a time, girls and boys, and as of 2014 has cared for 17 different children.  It is a Mexican Civil Association and is sustained purely by donations and child sponsors.

About Face Of My Father Children's Home



At Face Of My Father we receive boys and girls from the ages of newborn to 6 years old, (we also accept older siblings when necessary so as not to separate brothers and sisters). The children who are currently in the home range from 8 years to 19 years of age. Ten is the maximum number of children that the Home can currently house due to space and staff.

The children in the Home can be from a variety of backgrounds including situations of violence, neglect and abandonment. The children come into the Home with many fears, often malnourished, and always with a extremely distorted view of family/home life. But they thrive in a stable home setting where their needs, and many wants, are met and where the love of Jesus is taught and felt.

All of the children who pass through our doors enter into the "system” and their cases are processed by social workers and lawyers until a decision is made as to what is to happen with them. This process takes anywhere from months to years, depending on the case, so we work hard to make every day count, knowing that it may be our last with any given child. Some of the children will return to family members, others will be put up for adoption, and others will stay in the home until they are 18 and are ready to move out or stay on as a worker in the home.  

Meet Our Staff


William and Katie Cooke are the administrators and houseparents of the Children's Home. They have been serving in San Marcos since 1998 and have 3 children, David, Emily, and Lane. They were sent from and are under the leadership of Clover Pass Community Church in Ketchikan, Alaska. William is pastor of the local Mexican Christian and Missionary Alliance church, the "Iglesia Peniel".

The Children´s Home is also blessed with a part-time housekeeper and a board of directors who help out in various ways, as well as people in town who volunteer to play with the children, tutor in school subjects, and help out around the house.