Face of my Father

Rostro Del Padre AC

Face of My Father Children´s Home is a home for orphaned, abandoned, and abused children in San Marcos, Jalisco, Mexico, offering children a new beginning and a safe, loving environment where they can grow and thrive .  The home received it´s first child in May of 2009.  It has room for up to 10 children at a time, girls and boys, and as of 2014 has cared for 17 different children.  It is a Mexican Civil Association and is sustained purely by donations and child sponsors.

Katia and Gaby dance at their pre-school´s Spring Festival

March 21st both Katia and Gaby participated in their pre-school´s Spring Festival.

Gaby´s first grade class played follow-the-leader to music dressed as animals and flowers.  Gaby,dressed as a butterfly,  followed very well, but was obviously not very thrilled about being in front of an audience.  She was all smiles before and after the performance, though!  

Katia loved performing and did very well.  She danced a typical folkloric dance from the Mexican state of Jalisco and smiled all the way through.  Lots of people congratulated her after the performance, which of course made her feel so special.

Here is a photo of the two together.

March 21 2013 025.JPG
March 21 2013 034.JPG
March 21 2013 061.JPG